Parental Controls
   Parental Controls allow you to set the time limit for a client's network usage. To use Parental Controls:
  1. In the [Clients Name] column, select the client whose network usage you want to control. You may also key in the clients MAC address in the [Clients MAC Address] column.
  2. In the [Add / Delete] column, click the plus(+) icon to add the client.
  3. In the [Time Management] column, click the edit icon to edit the Active Schedule.
  4. Select your time slot with a click. You can hold and drag to extend the duration.
  5. Click [OK] to save the settings made.
  1. Clients that are added to Parental Controls will have their internet access restricted by default.
  2. Please disable NAT Acceleration for more precise scheduling control.
Enable Parental Controls